tool for the comprehensive analysis of in-game events, specific user segments and most significant KPIs of a mobile application



Automated QA System

comprehensive cross-platform tool designed for creating, automating, running
and analyzing various complex test scenarios for different types of products.


Create and run all sorts of automation on Desktop PCs and on mobile devices
Get statistics of each launch visualized in the form of complex graphs and trends for further analysis
Create IOT and load tests, and automate them using our Automated QA System
Among the services we provide:
Ascertain that the system works as expected and meets all the requirements
Verify that all the components work as a whole system
Analyze perfomance trends across the builds
Check how many users can access the system at a given capacity
Determine if the system is alreadey to be deployed
Our automation includes the following areas:
Windows / Linux GUI
Web UI
Mobile devices
Windows / Linux console
Virtual machines
Cloud computing


Getting rid of uncontrolled regression
Detailed reports in a live format
Tests without skipping errors
Saving time of QA engineers and developers
Strong skills of all kinds of testing

We work at all levels of autonomy, starting as one integrated team (a.k.a. team extension), when both
our engineers and yours work together to the levels of full independence (turnkey project).


complex mobile tool that allows users to edit, compress,
and posts their videos in various social networks.


Compress videos on user devices for faster network sharing.
Stream live videos from the device camera to the network.
Compress/re-encode video on the server side to optimize server storage.
Improve compatibility with a wide range of user devices.
Unified mobile SDK (iOS & Android) for fast mobile development.

The video optimizer includes

Video editor apps
Quick video converter
for social network sharing
Video streaming apps
Video players

Compress your video almost 10 times without losing the quality


Multiplatform Solutions Framework

flexible and powerful server side tool fo managing your game or app content.


Use ready-made, easy to
integrate modules and presets
Utilize a reliable user
data storage solution
Integrate the key features of
social networking
Unified logic for each


Add new levels and scenarios without waiting for the client to get approved by an app store
Keep the app content up to date and in control
The system automatically prevents users from accessing obsolete content of the game or app.

Mobile application development


XIMAD is using Multiplatform Solutions Framework to develop and maintain their portfolio on all major platforms for TOP mobile games


service of finding the right employees or contractors for your company


Temporary or permanent placement of our consultants
Taking care of the whole process: handling payroll, tax, benefits, relocation, legal and many other issues
Transfering our contractors to full-time
Competitive low market rates


Jeanne Tay
Contractor at XIM, Inc
"XIM is the best! They makes the hiring process smooth and easy, and continue to support you after you are hired. As a contractor it is easy to feel a little alone and unsupported, but XIM makes sure you are taken care of. Their recruiters are prompt, professional, personable, extremely helpful and incredibly easy to work with. Whatever the need or issue is, XIM will do everything it can to make sure it is addressed in a timely manner. Lucky to have XIM in my corner!"
Andrew Jun
Director of Software Development
at a top Health Care company
"XIM has been great recruiting software developers for us. We had many openings in our company's software development group and we were able to hire and fill the position with XIM's help in finding right candidates for the positions in this highly competitive market. There were some tough times finding the right people, but they was able to do it. We will continue to rely on them. Thanks, XIM, for all your help."
You save your human and financial resources on the candidate search!


XIM, Inc. is an experienced company proficient in outsourcing software development
and QA services with its primary focus in the realm of mobile application development

We have extensive expertise in the following fields:

Why XIM?

Comprehensive analysis of your business objectives when developing software.
An expansive and meticulous examination of the needs and behavior of the software's target demographic.
Profoundly professional and stable off-shore based project teams.
Complete security of your data and software.
A well-adjusted development process, utilizing the most contemporary technology and methods.
Streamlined and efficient communication with clients.
Development of effective and reliable software for our clients.
Incorporating innovative approaches for software development.
Over 21 years of professional experience in the field.

We take full responsibility for every step of the project and the final product.

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